DTV Profile Assessment

DISC with TEAMS & Values Style

TEAMS Thinking Style Profile

The TEAMS Thinking behavioral profile identifies one’s thinking style and how that contributes to a group’s thought and productivity. At the same time, this profile also identifies your primary and secondary TEAMS styles: Theorist, Executor, Analyst, Manager, Strategist.

Through the TEAMS Thinking Style Profile, you will be able to better understand your strengths and build strong teams with all 5 crucial thinking styles and increase your team members’ understanding and appreciation for each other’s’ talents, preferences, communication styles, leadership qualities and challenge areas.

This deeper understanding will increase the quality of communication and strengthens trust within the team. This will measure the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role(s) will be.

DTV Profile Assessment

The DTV Report – DISC with Teams & Values Style will tell you the roles you prefer in a team/group environment at work & hidden motivators that you value within the workplace.

Online Values Profile: Values Style Report

The Values Style report is important in helping us assess our internal value system that we use everyday to communicate on our tasks, in relationships and other daily events.

You can utilize the Values Style report in counselling, training, hiring, ministry, and consulting situations to help you:

  • Discover a person’s underlying motivators
  • Assess a person’s willingness to change
  • Understand how traditions affect a marriage
  • Make quality “people” decisions when hiring
  • Understand your child’s need for personal freedom
  • Assess the level of a person’s involvement
  • Place staff in positions they will enjoy
  • Understand how a need for equality affects communication
DTV Profile Assessment

Experts have it that there are two sides to our personality–one is visible and another is intrinsic. One is our needs-driven motivation, which is measured by the DISC Personality System, and the other is our values-driven motivation, which is focused by the Values Profile.

The difference between your personality and values is that personality has been formed over your life’s experiences. Whilst personality may change over time or be modified to meet a particular environment, your Values will remain as “Your Invisible Motivators.”

Values are ingrained and run deep in a person’s being. They represent the opinions and methods of response to particular situations. Almost everything that a person does is rooted in their Values Style – from how they handle relationships and how they advance their career, to how they relate to the people around them.

The Values Style can complement the Personality System and the TEAMS Profile as a complete tool to be used in hiring, team building, relationship development, goal setting and career planning for a comprehensive analysis.

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