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Looking for consultancy, training programmes, as well as learning and development materials? Lifeskills Training is your gateway to all these and more. We believe in unlocking the hidden potential in everyone. We help meet your individual and organizational needs by providing human capital solutions.

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What We Do

An affiliate of Lifeskills Enrichment and Lifeskills Resources, which are our Singapore-based strategic alliance, Lifeskills Training provides a wide range of leadership competencies assessments, reliable behaviour analysis and profiling tools, business simulation games, experiential program design and more for our clients in Malaysia.

We offer effective, user friendly and cost-effective resources for individuals, businesses, institutions, organizations and government bodies to enable positive change in mindset, motivation and behaviour. We believe in helping our clients lead an empowered living. We seek to assist business leaders recruit, select, retain, develop and manage human capital through our tools and training, unlocking the true human potential in everyone.

HRDF Malaysia

About HRDF

Lifeskills Training is now registered with HRDF therefore those Organizations and SME’s that are registered under HRDF would benefits claims from HRDF.

Lifeskills Training understand the needs in training and development of your team of employees, therefore we are proud to say that we are registered Training Provider under HRDF (PSMB) helps to enhance the knowledge and skills of workforce via our schemes and services. The HRDF schemes are divided into two categories, HRDF Levy and Government Special Fund. HRDF Levy is a fund that deposited by employer on monthly basis, then they can apply for schemes that provided by HRDF to attend any programmes that recognized by HRDF.

To understand further of the schemes offered under HRDF, please click here.

Our Strategic Partners

The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc.

The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc. (USA)

The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc. (USA) is the proven leader in the field of Behavioural Analysis. As one of the world’s largest publishers of the DISC Personality Profile and motivational resources, IML was established to help people communicate better and work together more effectively in areas such as team building, career planning, hiring and conflict resolution, as well as in family, personal and marriage counselling.

We are IML’s Master Training & Certification Centre+ (Asia) and Master Distributor for PeopleKeys™ & DISC Training Resources in Asia.

The Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge®

The Leadership Challenge® serves the professional development and hands-on resource needs of training and human resource practitioners, providing them with products filled with proven ideas and solutions from experts to do their jobs better.

We are an Authorised Partner of The Leadership Challenge®.

Extreme Leadership Institute

Extreme Leadership Institute

The Extreme Leadership Institute is the exclusive provider of consulting, and learning & development services related to best-selling author, Steve Farber’s, Extreme Leadership frameworks.

Our affiliate partner, Lifeskills Enrichment launched a movement: >GTY 2014, originated by Steve Farber’s book, Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership. In Greater Than Yourself, Steve Farber reveals the three keys to achieving what he calls GTY: Expand Yourself, Give Yourself, and Replicate Yourself – our basis for 2014′s >GTY movement.

We are honoured to be a partner of Extreme Leadership Institute.

Affiliate Company

Lifeskills Enrichment

Lifeskills Enrichment

Lifeskills Enrichment is a reputed educational and training provider in Singapore. Their consultants work with clients to discern their precise developmental and organisational needs, and partners with them to address these needs. Their comprehensive suite of training solutions and services are anchored on relevant and established research, and formulated based on a vast experience of working with diverse organisations and individuals.

Lifeskills Resources

Lifeskills Resources (LR)

Lifeskills Resources (LR) helps transform individuals, teams and organisations by providing people assessments and human capital solutions to unlock people potential.

Lifeskills Resources equips clients with skills to enable positive change in people mind set, motivation and behaviour, leading to authentic and empowered living. Through their tools and training, they help business leaders to recruit, select, retain, develop and manage their people. Their evidence-based resources provide insight into people’s strengths and limitations, internal motivators, thinking orientation and their potential.

Lifeskills Enrichment is LR’s affiliate company, specialising in the corporate field.

Meet Our Trainers

Clients of all walks of life and professional lines have benefitted from our Professional Certification Training and Programmes. Our team of capable and experienced consultants and facilitators are committed in delivering results for our clients and partners to achieve their mission and vision.

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Lynn Tiang
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Ian Tan

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